Liam Schroeder is a 4 year old boy from The Edge. On September 18th, a cancerous tumor was found on is brain stem. Through prayer and God’s miraculous healing power, Liam’s tumor was completely removed on  September 22nd. Liam has gone through lots of physical, occupational, and voice therapy to help him heal from his surgery. Therapies have gone well, and he is now able to walk, move, and talk on his own! He has started eating solid foods again, though is still having trouble swallowing liquids.

He is finishing up a round of proton beam radiation, and will be moving out of the Ronald McDonald house just in time of the holidays! He gets a little break, but will be back at the hospital in January to start Chemo therapy. The hope is that this round of Chemo will prevent the cancer from coming back (as it pron to do).

Pray with us for continued healing and strength for Liam and his family!

Please  click the link above to help support Liam’s family financially
on this road to healing and recovery.

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