What is a Sunday night like at The Edge? 

Inspiring! Our Sunday services which start at 6PM are infused with vibrant worship, prayer, and challenging messages so you are sure to feel right at home. We realize that life is full of stresses, surprises, and stuff, so we make sure that Biblically based and relevant messages are always a part of our 60–75 minute services. You’ll certainly take something valuable home with you!
Check out our Media & Resource page for recent sermons and what kind of music you can expect to hear!
We celebrate communion the second Sunday of each month at The Edge. If you have made a personal confession of faith and invited Christ to be the leader of your life, we invite you to celebrate with us. At the same time, you won’t feel awkward if you choose to not participate with us.

Does The Edge only have an evening service?

Yes. When Pastor Chuck & Steph moved to Winona, part of their vision was to be a church for people who were not already attending a church. They knew that there were plenty of amazing churches in Winona for those looking for a “traditional” Sunday morning experience.

Who attends The Edge?

People who are just like you, and people who are not just like you! There are kids, college students, young adults, and families; single people & married couples. Some people who attend The Edge have grown up going to church, and others have their first experience in a church at The Edge!

How should I dress on Sunday?

Ballgame or ballroom… It doesn’t matter to us. Come as you are — we promise you won’t feel out of place!

How much money do I need to give?

Nothing! Nada! Not a cent! Come and be our guest, but please don’t feel obligated to give anything. The members and regular attendees of The Edge look after the financial needs of the church.

What about my kids?

The Edge is a great place for your kids! We know children are our future, so they come first. We provide a comfortable and fun environment for your child to build relationships with peers, staff, and of course, Christ. We have a nursery, preschool room, and kid’s church (K-5) every Sunday night to provide care for all ages.

What do I do if I have a bad experience?

In the unlikely event that one of us should act human (rest assured… this will happen), please drop us a line and we’ll do what we can to make it right. We love Jesus with all our heart and want you to love Him too. At times we may get in the way. Please know that serving God and serving each other are our highest priorities.

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask!