In the summer of 2008 Pastor Chuck, Pastor Steph & their 3 kids moved down to Winona to start The Edge Church & WSU Chi Alpha. Before any services could begin, the previously vacant building needed some tender loving care.  After a lot of hard work, the building was ready to be opened again!

In the fall of 2008, The Edge Student Center opened up as a place for students to hang out and study. Pastor Steph was not expecting to start Chi Alpha until the following fall, but God had other plans; within a few weeks, there was a small team of student leaders ready to start what would become WSU Chi Alpha!

In March of 2009, The Edge Church launched. In the coming months & years, growth would require additional space, and even an additional service to accommodate those attending. In 2014 The Edge began to have services at our Broadway Campus because we had outgrown the Sanborn Campus. The Sanborn Campus is still home to The Edge Student Center & our offices.


The word “Edge” is an acrostic to describe our mission & vision:

Experience God – Our God is not an old man up in the clouds, or a distant entity waiting for us to do something wrong. Our God is relational & very near! Whether you have grown up with a relationship with God, or personally knowing the creator of the universe is an unfamiliar idea, The Edge is a place where you can grow in a deeper understanding of who God is & His love for you.

Discover your purpose – God has a wonderful plan for your life! There is more to life, and church for that matter, than repeating a series of motions over and over again. This purpose is discovered through personal, small group fellowship & corporate times of worship.

Go “glocal”– The Edge is passionate about being an active part of missions – globally & locally

Enjoy the journey!

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