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Spring 2015 Small Groups

Girls Small Groups
6PM-Evy Claussen (507) 995-9254 -408 Main St Apt 4
7PM-Megan Krueger (507) 884-9694 & Brianna Kanable-Student Center Lounge
7PM-Bethany Johns (507) 995-6766 & Hannah Wacker-550 West King St
7:30PM-Hannah Skinner (507) 341-5657 & Kelsey Bahr-Lourdes Hydra Lounge
8PM-Jenna Magadanz (612) 308-2344 & Hannah Crary-Sheehan 1218
8PM-Sam Salo (763) 464-5526 & Allie Krause-Morey 204
TBD-Kali Medina & Melody Sheppard Kirkland 215

6:30PM-Rachel Wang & Heather Johnson (507) 450-7025 -Chi Alpha House
7PM-Leah Stoeckel (763) 568-1407 & Brooke Klemm-426 Main St
8PM-Alaina Zimmerman (262) 305-7235 &Kayla Brisbin-Sheehan 815

6PM-Lauren Praska (612)209-5200 & Mary Soderlund-Lourdes 2660
7PM-Kristen Gulbranson (651) 208-3634 & Sydney Johnson-Lourdes 2460
7:30PM-Hayley Gustafson (763) 843-4710 & Shauna Rodman-Library Study Rooms

1PM-Kathy O'Hara (414) 238-3738 & Paige Specken

Guys Small Groups

1:15PM-Matt Martin (218) 821-4149 & Mike Chouanard-Southeast Tech Commons
8PM-Brian Ziolkowski (651) 324-5604 & Dan Oren-Richards

6PM-Elliot Maire (952) 836-9095-Richards
6PM-Alec McCuskey (763) 498-3606 & Tim Siler-New Center 407
7PM-Ethan Palmer (952) 308-8971 & Ian Higgins-Lourdes 1340
8PM-Paul Kienetz(608) 797-9956-Second floor Richards Kitchen

What is Chi Alpha?

Chi Alpha campus ministries is a Christian campus ministry on universities throughout the United States and around the world. We are groups of college–age men and women earnestly following Jesus. We are not a fraternity or sorority… We invite everyone to be a part of our ministry, regardless of background. We meet in groups of varying size and style. These gatherings are informal, infused with music and interaction, and cover topics from relationships to the nature of truth. We create opportunities for students to meet God, each other, and the needs of the community.

When do we meet?

Chi Alpha @ theEdge meets Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. It consists of relevant teaching, group discussion, a coffee bar, fun, food, and music. As a way to help students grow in their relationship with Christ, we also have small group Bible and book studies that meet at various times and places throughout the week.

Contact Steph Peterson for more information!


theEdge student center & coffee bar

Designed as a place for students to hang out, study, and use free wifi, this comfortable environment is open Mondays—Thursdays from 3:00–9:00 pm (not during WSU breaks). Finals week is another deal… No time frame…and lots of FOOD! We open at 3:00 p.m. and stay open until you leave!



We recognize that many of the students attending colleges or universities are leaving home for the first time. This is a time of transition in their lives that can have a profound effect on their faith. There are a lot of voices trying to pull students away from a relationship with Jesus, but we stand as a positive influence that says "God is relevant… keep seeking Him." Our goal is that your son or daughter will…

  • have personal faith in Jesus Christ
  • grow in their relationship with God
  • find a place of worship and ministry
  • become established in a social support network
  • determine to follow God in life - wherever He may lead
  • develop quality life long friendships
  • have the best time of their lives!





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